Open Tues - Fri: 5pm - until | Sat: 4pm - until | Sunday 12pm - until *Hours may vary depending on event schedule*


Once booked, please advance all shows with Jeremy, our production manager, at

If you have a contract, send it to If you are traveling with your own sound/lighting engineer, this will need to be approved in advance. 


Mixer: X32 Compact with DL32 Stage Box


Inbound: 18 Available Inputs

SE V7 x 3

SE S8 x 2

SM 58 x 2

SM 57 x 2

E906 x 2

E609 x 1

E904 x 2

Audix D6 x 1

SE V Kick x 1

DI Channels x 6


Outbound: 4 Available Channels for Monitoring

3 x QSC K10.2 (monitoring) (Mixes 1, 2, 3)

4 x RCF NX-32 (PA) (Main Outs LR)

1 x QSC KS212 Cardioid Sub (Mix 8)

JBL Mono Bar Speaker Matrix (Mix 6)

Phillips Mono Patio Speaker Matrix (Mix 5)


Recording/Production: (For Flat Iron Staff Use Only)

Mac Mini 2018, 6-core, 64GB RAM

Macbook Pro 2018 (Clone of Mini, for streaming or remote recording)

Pro Tools 2019 

Logic X (Full Suite)

Ableton 10 (Full Suite)

FL Studio (Full Suite)

Waves (Platinum, SSL, Noise Reduction), FabFilter, Soundtoys, iZotope, Plugin Alliance, Slate Digital, Steven Slate Drums, Serum, Massive, MassiveX, Kontakt, Effectrix, 

UA LA-610 Mk II

MikTek CV4

AKG C214

BeyerDynamic M69

Sennheiser 416G

Alesis Nitro eDrum Kit

Roland Juno Di

Moog Slim Phatty

Various FX Pedals

Tascam TA-1VP 

Motu 8pre (firewire 400, legacy)

Focusrite 2i2 (streaming/encoding)

Streamdeck (OBS Controller)



Rough Mixes: These are generally provided on the evening of your show, on a per show basis. If there is more than one act performing, we charge $50/per act to send out rough mixes. These mixes are balanced and mastered in Pro Tools, sourced from the multitrack recording. After listening back to the loudest and quietest moments, the audio is printed without including any volume, fx, or any additional automations.

Live Show Mixing: If you’ve received a rough mix, we charge $50/song to finalize the show files for you. Up to $500 for the whole set. Finalizing is a balance, mixing the audio as it’s been recorded. We charge additionally for any vocal or instrumental tuning, or altering the performance in any way other than it was recorded ($50/hour). All live show mixes are mastered to -8 LUFS unless otherwise specified or if you’d prefer it to be unmastered as you have a mastering engineer in mind you’d prefer to use.

Can I just purchase my stems?

Yes! We charge $250 to purchase isolated stems from your event.

Do you mix audio from other facilities or home recordings?

Absolutely! We charge $60/hour or $250 Flat/song, whatever is easier for you. Both options come with up to 3 revisions.

Do you do audio mastering? We do! We charge $50/song for digital mastering. We can make specific track volumes to optimize streaming on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. We charge $5/additional version after the Master Copy has been made and green lit by you. Can we record video? Please do! Bring some SD cards with you and we’ll record the camera feeds from the back of the room and the GoPro side stage in addition to any cameras that you bring out. If you provide your own SD cards, there is no charge. If we have to record video for you there is a storage fee of $25/performance.

Private Recording:

*2 Hour Minimum

2 Hours: $120

4 Hours: $200

8 Hours: $400

12+ Hours: $550



**Bring your own 3.0 USB Flash Drive if you’d like to record your rehearsal

*2 Hour Minimum

2 Hours: $50

2+ Hours: $50 + $20/hour


For recording inquiries, please email 


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