The Fritz

The Fritz is a soul-driven dance rock band hailing from Asheville, NC. The group’s aggressive approach to funk, soul, and rock creates a sound that is uniquely their own. Their high-energy, danceable songs provide a platform for each member to shine. With powerful vocals, climactic solos, and tight grooves, The Fritz has built a devoted following and is sure to captivate audiences everywhere.


Hailing from North Carolina, Urban Soil weaves Americana, rock and soul into their explosive live shows and polished recordings. Their studio albums reflect the uncompromising energy that Urban Soil consistently delivers live, and are a stimulating representation of the band’s skillful-yet–visceral sound. Urban Soil has the unique ability of capturing the energy of their live shows and translating it to their studio recordings, resulting in an electrifying experience with every listen.Influenced by early roots elements, Urban Soil uniquely fuses those sounds with a fresh take, delivering a blend of raw, nostalgic sounds with a modern and glistening slant. Sarah Reinke fronts the band on vocals, guitar and percussion including an occasional electrified washboard. Guitarist and vocalist, Eric Chesson, delivers forceful and driving components with every lick, and offers steadfast vocals. Greg Meckley’s skillful violin, vocals and percussion playing blends tight layers and bright sounds that solidify the band smoothly against driving guitars. Holding down the rhythm section, Jonathan Wilson and Leo Kishore provide a concrete foundation on drums and bass respectively.

Sam Fribush Organ Trio

Keyboardist Sam Fribush is on the frontlines of the Hammond organ revival. His debut release, the SF Organ Trio, was produced by Charlie Hunter and recorded over quarantine in North Carolina. Recently, Fribush became a member of Hiss Golden Messenger. Currently based in Greensboro, NC, Fribush has brought his fonky, soulful vibe home to the town where he was born and raised.

Jack The Radio With Crenshaw Pentecostal

Raleigh, North Carolina roots-rockers Jack the Radio blend rock and blues sensibility with Americana, folk, and country to create a tapestry of swampy southern-tinged sounds on their latest album release, Creatures. All of the songs on the album were written by singer George Hage with a common thread that weaves its way through telling us to stand strong as we ride out the highs and lows of what life throws at us. Over the years, Jack The Radio has shared the stage with The Avett Brothers, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, George Thorogood, Cold War Kids, Rayland Baxter, and American Aquarium to name a few. Their music has been featured in countless commercial, film, and TV projects including Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire, Graceland, Beverly Hills 90210 as well as in sports programming for NASCAR, NFL, PGA among others.  

Virginia Man and Tyler Meacham

Virginia ManComing off of the release of their debut LP, “Sad but True”, the boys have been out on the road! This show has become the favorite amongst members and audiences alike, with a sonic rollercoaster, akin to the plot of a great American classic, with gripping performances and storytelling, and celebratory beverages following. Jacob Sommerio, guitar/engineer, Stephen Amoruso, bass/vocals, and Kristian Lietzan, singer/songwriter, configure the emotional folk-and-roll band, Virginia Man. With poetic lyrics bellowing over the sounds of middle Appalachia, these gentlemen champion the sound of their homeland: a strange suspension between the cardinal directions, musical genres, and the changing of seasons.Tyler MeachamWhether dance floors are open or closed, pop music retains its power to move us, distilling complex emotional experiences into art that resonates the moment it hits our ears. That immediacy is a hallmark of songs by indie-pop singer and songwriter Tyler Meacham.“It’s pop but it’s not,” says Meacham in regards to her debut LP Into The Fray. “I don’t really like to align myself with a genre… I lean towards what’s right [for a song], more than just what fits in a box, if that makes sense.” The Richmond, Virginia based artist doesn’t shy away from sharing her deepest vulnerabilities in her music, which spans from fully-produced to more stripped-back sonic affairs where her resonant voice is at the forefront. On Into The Fray, Meacham explores the many layers of love, vulnerability, self-awareness, and self-worth that surface in relationships. Produced with partner & bassist Chip Hale, Into The Fray draws inspiration from their shared appreciation for pop giants like Jack Antonoff/Bleachers, OneRepublic, and Maggie Rogers, as well as the self-revelatory intimacy of songwriters like Sara Bareilles, Blake Mills, and Theo Katzman. The result is a 10-song amalgamation of synth pop, indie rock, and a pinch of folk. Into the Fray is available on CD, Vinyl, and everywhere music is streamed. ~Davy Jones & Elaine Rhodes

The Thing w/ Harvey Street Co

The Thing consists of Jack Bradley, Michael Carter, and Zane Acord. Their debut record, “Here’s The Thing” is coming out April 14th 2023. Long Live The Thing.


Tumbao! is a high-energy Latin Fusion band formed by 7 seasoned musicians from various genres and backgrounds — and we mean all different types — that creates a sound reflecting the many flavors of Latin America. ¡Tumbao! offers a taste of Salsa, Bossa, Funk, Cumbia, Latin-Rock, R&B, Jazz, and Brass. Formed in 2019, the band has taken to new heights and popularity rapidly throughout venues in the South Eastern circuit and beyond. Most recently featured on PBS, the NCMA, with performances in festival circuits such as Shakori Hills and multiple publications, the electric sound of ¡Tumbao! keeps crossing more and more barriers captivating listeners of every age and every background.

Sam Burchfield And The Scoundrels

Raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of South Carolina, Sam Burchfield was brought up on Appalachian music: folk, gospel, country and southern soul. The young songwriter now calls Jasper, GA home.“…Burchfield’s music is soulful. That is the perfect word for it. It doesn’t just describe his genre – it describes the heart of the artist himself…”                -Emily McBride – VINYL MAG

Eliot Bronson

Over the course of five albums, indie folksinger Eliot Bronson has created his own brand of acclaimed Americana. He’s an award winner. A road warrior. An internationally-renowned musician with a voice that swoons and sweeps, making fans out of everyone from his hometown newspaper, The Baltimore Sun — who championed Bronson from the very start, hailing him as “a folk singing wunderkind” back when he was still playing local coffeeshops — to Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb, whose work on 2014’s Eliot Bronson and 2017’s James placed Bronson on the same client roster as Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, and other heartfelt songwriters. Look forward to a new release in 2023.

Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson is a singer, songwriter, and experience designer who uses music to bring meaning through beauty into our world. Songs are her way of building bridges with people and between listeners to create a spirit of communion in a divided age.Originally from Iowa, Tiffany Thompson’s artistic journey has been quite the adventure.The daughter of a preacher, Tiffany, and her family moved from Iowa to Russia in the early 1990s and then over to Austin and Chicago in the 2000s. She launched her singer/songwriter career in Northern Virginia before spending 3 years in Nashville, New York City, and now calling North Carolina home.Tiffany’s single “We Are the Dreamers” was featured on one of the most popular segments of the Lifetime TV series “Dance Moms,” and the video from the show garnered over 2 million views and 300K streams. The cinematic strings and electronic production provided a unique sonic background for her angelic voice and hope-filled lyrics.Through the years, Tiffany has acquired a unique musical ear, dynamic stage presence, and creative spirit. She recorded music floats between genres—her voice and lyrics serve as the anchor.