The Fundamentals w/ Mellow Swells

The FundamentalsDrawing from their love of music from the 1960’s/1970’s, The Fundamentals are a rhythm section quartet based in North Carolina who are just trying to make people dance. You’ve heard this group before as the rhythm section for Reliably Bad, as well as individually on many other North Carolina records in the past few years including Daron., Victoria Victoria, Maia Kamil, Drew Foust, William Hinson, and more.Mellow SwellsMellow Swells is a band from the triangle area that soar blasts funk, rock, and intense improvisation to its listeners. Their influences range from traditional music all the way to modern funk/pop. Expect to get beef blasted by some low end bass, sweaty by some deep grooves, and slapped by soulful vocals and soaring riffs.