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The Settlement

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The Settlement is a jam band from Huntington, West Virginia. Cleverly combining hard rock riffs, jazz harmonies, funky bass lines, dreamy pop melodies, syncopated grooves and world music influences, this ensemble offers something for everyone. Each member has their own unique flavor and contributes to the vast array of sounds. Each set is different from the last, offering an original live performance that thrives on energy, improvisation, creativity and love.

Mono Means One with Council Ring

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Mono Means One is a psychedelic prog trio and the brainchild of bassist and composer John Ferrara, best known as the bass player and co-founder of the acclaimed world fusion band “Consider the Source.” Mono Means One’s sound contains melancholic melodies, rich sonic textures with Drum ‘N’ Bass grooves and Mathrock sensibilities. Half composed and half improvised, the music is often dark, sometimes bright and other times heavy, oscillating between chill grooves to almost unbearable intensity. Originally composed entirely on the bass guitar, John paired up with Rob Madore (Drums) and Isaac Young (Keys), of Connecticut’s amazing  PX3  to borrow some of their “Futuristic Synth-Driven Madness” to help bring layers and textures to these compositions that fill rooms across the Northeast.

Jacoozy with Dylan Innes And The Business

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Jacoozy is a jam, funk, and indie band formed in Boone, NC in 2021. Featuring guitarists Killian Wright and Will Fentress, drummer Pauly Scott (known as Pauly) keyboardist Isaac McMurray, all members of the band contribute vocals. With a vast range of influences ranging from classic jam bands to pop, Jacoozy shows are known for their captivating, dynamic, and high-energy live performances.   

Awen Family Band with Africa Unplugged

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Awen Family Band is a collaborative effort offering an inclusive musical back to Earth experience, a place to commune with our roots and reconnect with the source. The Awen Family Band believes in letting the music and moment flow freely without force, guiding us to transcendence, deeper understanding and gratitude towards life. These values are reflected in the songwriting of Tim Husk, with uplifting lyrics that try to break down the mysteries of the universe and celebrate the infinite joys of life. Every Awen Family show is an ever changing collection of musicians from other touring acts that share the same understanding that we are just vessels for the great spirit and energy to flow through us, to hear the song in the life around us and bring it into reality to share with everyone. Every new musician to leave their touch on the Awen Family songbook offers a new perspective to the music and what they hear in the songs, making every Awen Family show an opportunity to hear the songs presented in a new light as well as new songs that form around certain groups of musicians. Building Community, Expanding Circles and Spreading Love

Baked Shrimp

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Baked Shrimp, the high-octane progressive fusion trio, has emerged as a young rising powerhouse in the festival circuit. Hailing from Long Island, NY, Jared Cowen (Guitar/Vocals), Scott Reill (Bass/Vocals), and Jager Soss (Drums/Vocals) showcase their energetic and improvisational talents, transforming their three-piece sound into a symphonic experience. The band had a groundbreaking year in 2022, performing over 120 concerts across the United States and making their debut in Canada. As 2023 unfolds, their success is set to soar even higher. Kicking off the year with an electrifying show supporting the Disco Biscuits, Baked Shrimp embarked on a massive headlining Spring Tour. The trio is also slated to make their festival debuts at prestigious events like Peach Music Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, Strange Creek Camp Out, and Northlands Live. In July, they will take the main stage at their hometown event, the Great South Bay Music Festival, where they will share the spotlight with Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. Baked Shrimp has garnered additional recognition by providing direct support for acclaimed artists such as Pink Talking Fish, Dopapod, Aqueous, Mihali (from Twiddle), and Kung Fu. Notably, the band hosts their own festival in Upstate New York called LonCon, created as a tribute to their most devoted supporter and ambassador, Lon “Conscious” Gellman. LonCon features live music, art, and two nights of camping, and plans are underway to bring the festival back in 2024. Amidst their demanding touring schedule, Baked Shrimp has consistently released new music. Their 2021 album, Conscious, received critical acclaim from media outlets like LiveForLiveMusic, Grateful Web, and The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman. Following a quick release of the three-disc live album, The Prawno Tapes, Vol. 1, the band returned to the studio to complete their early-2022 release, Pork Etiquette. JamBase’s Release Day Picks featured Pork Etiquette alongside albums by renowned artists such as Vulfpeck, The Weeknd, Lotus, and Cory Wong. Currently, the trio is hard at work in the studio, laying the groundwork for their fourth studio album, set for release in the fall of 2023. With an upcoming nearly 50-date Summer Tour, Baked Shrimp is more prepared than ever to captivate the music world. No longer Long Island’s best-kept secret, they have become the hardest working band in the business, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible impression wherever they go. Baked Shrimp is a secret that simply cannot be kept.