Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany Thompson is a singer, songwriter, and experience designer who uses music to bring meaning through beauty into our world. Songs are her way of building bridges with people and between listeners to create a spirit of communion in a divided age.Originally from Iowa, Tiffany Thompson’s artistic journey has been quite the adventure.The daughter of a preacher, Tiffany, and her family moved from Iowa to Russia in the early 1990s and then over to Austin and Chicago in the 2000s. She launched her singer/songwriter career in Northern Virginia before spending 3 years in Nashville, New York City, and now calling North Carolina home.Tiffany’s single “We Are the Dreamers” was featured on one of the most popular segments of the Lifetime TV series “Dance Moms,” and the video from the show garnered over 2 million views and 300K streams. The cinematic strings and electronic production provided a unique sonic background for her angelic voice and hope-filled lyrics.Through the years, Tiffany has acquired a unique musical ear, dynamic stage presence, and creative spirit. She recorded music floats between genres—her voice and lyrics serve as the anchor.

Griefcat And Brittany Ann Tranbaugh

Griefcat is an all-women musical comedy duo hailed as “local favorites” by Washington City Paper in their hometown of DC. Often referred to as “Tenacious Double D’s” due to their musicality and hilarious lyrics, their sequin studded shows have been referred to by attendees as “the most fun [we’ve] had since Lizzo.” They recently finished recording their 2nd studio album, “late stage capitalism,” with singles expected in Spring of 2023. A live clip of one of their upcoming singles, “Revolution (Poop at Work), ” recently garnered over 1M views on Instagram and counting.  Brittany Ann Tranbaugh is a singer songwriter hailing from Philadelphia. Her queer country song “Kiss You” won Song of the Year in the 2021 John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and she regularly tours with Carsie Blanton. In October, she recorded a 5 song EP in LA with Grammy-nominated producer Tyler Chester, and will be releasing a single every 6 weeks beginning in March.    

Monet Maddux and Zoƫ Nutt

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Monet Maddux grew up listening to a mixture of family albums consisting of Peter Frampton, Patsy Cline, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ricky Lee Jones and Simon & Garfunkel just to name a few. She attended Auburn University to study journalism, but would came to discover her passion for writing was not news reporting but songwriting. Finding herself on the other recovering side of cancer, Monet began pursuing her gift of writing lyrics full time. Today she is a self taught musician, who has now shared the stage with Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Blackberry Smoke, Mat Kearney, Travis Meadows and Outlaw Country’s own troubadour, Ray Wylie Hubbard; who also produced Monet’s first self-titled album in 2018.  Monet’s co-writing ventures have lead her to East TN’s duo The Young Fables earning her, her first cut with the song OVER YOU featured on their album entitled PAGES in 2022.   Zoë Nutt is a Nashville based singer-songwriter hailing from East Tennessee. Nutt has no fear when it comes to her latest track “Say”, a powerful anthem that energizes you to be yourself no matter what others think. “Say” is one of 4 songs off Zoë’s new EP “Say What You Wanna Say” and was featured on Apple Music’s “Best New Americana Songs” list as well as their “New In Americana” playlist. Nutt has dealt with progressive hearing loss throughout her life, but has not let that stop her from making music. She uses a hearing aid and cochlear implant to hear. Although hearing loss is a prominent part of her life, she does not let that define her music. Her work finds itself meshed between Americana, Country, Blues and Alternative with her latest EP co-produced by Zoë herself and Oran Thornton.

Libby Rodenbough, Lou Hazel, and Rodes Baby

LibbyMost widely known by music fans as one-fourth of the indie Americana band Mipso, LibbyRodenbough’s distinctive fiddle tones and ethereal, lilting vocals are well-accustomed to sonic settingsthat push the boundaries of traditional genres into new territory. On her first solo record, Spectacle OfLove (May 29, 2020 / Sleepy Cat Records) this spirit of artistic exploration and expansion remains aconstant for Rodenbough. Plucked from the Mipso collective, Rodenbough adds acoustic and electricguitar, piano and synth, and more to her personal repertoire of instruments, and invites in a widenedfamily of stellar North Carolina musicians to help bring Spectacle Of Love to fruition.The depth of Rodenbough’s songwriting––and her knack for seamlessly juxtaposing intense emotionwith observational asides––is fully revealed on Spectacle Of Love. With lyrics delivered head-on andcreative choices in service of that same unwavering honesty, Spectacle of Love is simultaneously anintimate confession and an expansive declaration.Lou HazelLou Hazel was born in the town of Olean, New York to a family of northeastern wiseacres.Not one to commit, he skirted the compulsive hunting and fishing tradition held close to his father’s heart – instead cultivating a sensitivity more suited to artists and vagabonds. As a result, his travels brought him across the country and eventually through debilitating depression before coming to rest with a sense of personal peace and positivity in Durham, NC.Yet, Lou’s brain is still a bat cave. Mostly, he wakes up with no idea what he’s going to do next, then finds himself there. In songwriting, he pulls from this cave rambling, heartfelt tales flowing through unselfconscious truth. In illustrations, he swirls and meanders towards an eventual finish only understood upon completion – as in his music. And in his photography and design work, he renders the essence of fellow musicians into expressive, personalized works of art.Today, Louie continues crafting genuine folk tales of honest longing, disquieting loss, and nostalgia through a brilliant sheen of fresh insight with humble humor. Grabbing us by the ears in a new-age, Prine-like grip. Transforming the minutiae of everyday life into ever more evocative music. And surprising us all, including himself, with where we emerge.In other words, Lou Hazel is coming out of this unbearable, unbelievably tragic, disconcerting year like a damn newborn moth with jet engine wings aimed toward a totally full super-moon. And it is good. Rodes BabyRodes Baby (MK Rodenbough) has been anxiously awaiting this day for a long time. They grew up writing songs on a cheap Yamaha keyboard in their family’s basement in North Carolina, and testing them out at local coffee shops before they were old enough to drive. After several years of playing shows around the vibrant and collaborative music scene of the NC Triangle, they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019 that allowed them to record their first album. Then the pandemic hit. Suddenly needing to settle into a job that kept them on the frontline, music took a back seat. Now, nearly a year and a half later, they’re looking forward instead of sitting still. Restless and ready, they will release their debut record, All Of My Friends, on November 19th, 2021. 

Flat Iron and Greenefields productions Presents Sam Burchfield

Sam Burchfield 01/14/2023doors at 7pm show at 7:30pm$10 for the first 20 tickets sold$15 after thatRaised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of South Carolina, Sam Burchfield was brought up on Appalachian music: folk, gospel, country and southern soul. The young songwriter now calls Jasper, GA home.“…Burchfield’s music is soulful. That is the perfect word for it. It doesn’t just describe his genre – it describes the heart of the artist himself…”                -Emily McBride – VINYL MAG