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Amy Martin And Bonnie & The Mere Mortals w/ Matt Elias

Monday, April 29
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
Originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia, Amy Martin spent the majority of her adult life in her beloved hometown. In 2021, Martin relocated to Denver, Colorado. On her latest album, “Travelin’ On”, Martin explores the breaking point between investing in a problematic, yet beloved hometown, and moving on to fully realize one’s self and one’s dreams. She was first inspired by female powerhouse singers like Martina McBride and Janis Joplin, but after finishing high school she found herself fronting a bluegrass band. For ten years the band toured regionally and built a loyal local following, and Martin’s own musical voice began merging the line between string band and soul. On her album, Martin displays compassionate confidence, born from years of developing not only a musical voice but a certain outlook on life. “I feel like every song is saying something”, she says, “And within that, there is a message that I’ve found my stride as an artist and as a person. I am sitting in the pocket of myself. I’m finding out what it is to love, and to be true to myself.” Amy Martin’s latest album is produced by Grammy Award Winning Artist, Chance McCoy.

Bonnie & the Mere Mortals are a Southern Gothic outfit that sound like what would happen if Dolly Parton ever met the Cure. Their signature blend of Appalachian Americana with Synthwave and Shoegaze has brought them all around the surrounding regions with a fast growing audience of everyone from cowboys to goth rockers, from Nashville to New York. 

Matt Elias grew up in one of many small coal towns in southwestern Pennsylvania, helping out on his grandfather’s farm and making his own fun, which mostly meant playing the guitar and using whatever substances he could get his hands on. He has honed his craft starting at age 9: playing lead guitar and being a side man in bands ranging from rock n’ roll to death metal, from tribute bands to Americana. He currently plays guitar in both Feralcat and the Wild and Bonnie & the Mere Mortals, as well as several cover and tribute acts. He has played thousands of shows in over a dozen states, all the while preparing to step to center stage in his own way.
Elias has never been a fan of celebrity, stardom, or big personalities, but the music is a different story. To Elias, the song is the hero, not the person who wrote it, and his songs have plenty to say. Elias writes songs as a conduit, stepping out of the way so the stories can take the limelight. 
“Soil,” Matt Elias’s upcoming first album, is the culmination of years of stories–stories of dedication, love and loss, personal battles with addiction, and life and growth in a crumbling Appalachian coal town. 
“Soil” drops on February 29, 2024, and we’re guaranteed more stories from a man worth listening to. Follow him on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, and keep an eye out for his debut tour in 2024.