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Flat Iron

Farewell Friend (Album Release Show) with Minor Gold

Friday, May 17
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
Hailing from the cornfields of Indiana and now residing in the heart of North Carolina,
front man and singer/songwriter Tom Troyer’s eclectic style traverses folk, rock, and
blues. Farewell Friend’s music resonates with authenticity, vulnerability, and an
unwavering commitment to the power of poetic storytelling. Their sound is a delicate
avalanche of sonic texture, blending recognizable and distorted folk and Americana
forms to create a truly unique musical experience.
Tom’s exceptional talent extends beyond his role as a frontman and songwriter. He cut
his teeth musically by performing with The Collection and contributing multiple
instruments and vocals to the recording of their album “Ars Moriendi.” In 2018, Troyer
began honing his music engineering skills and founded Black Rabbit Audio, a music
production studio in Greensboro, NC. Since then, he has produced over 18 albums,
showcasing his technical expertise and ability to bring out the best in his own music
and that of other artists.
Troyer’s dedication to both his craft and making a positive impact is evident in his
involvement with We Carry Kevan, a non-profit organization focused on raising
awareness about disabilities and promoting creative solutions for accessibility. Through
their travels, Troyer has personally carried Kevan Chandler, the organization’s
advocate, to iconic destinations worldwide, breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity.
With his multifaceted background, Tom Troyer brings a unique perspective to music and
storytelling. His introspective lyrics and soul-stirring melodies create a powerful
connection with audiences, exploring themes of identity, resilience, and the human
condition. Farewell Friend’s discography showcases Troyer’s musical journey, from the
conceptual exploration of generational stories in his debut album “Lineage” to the
autobiographical introspection of “[SAMSON]” and the contemplation of gentrification
in the EP “Glenwood and Gomorrah.”
With enchanting soundscapes and thought-provoking narratives, Farewell Friend invites
listeners on a transcendent musical journey. Tom Troyer’s dedication to his craft as both
a musician and a producer shines through in every note, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and fellow artists alike.

Minor Gold are the new Australian based, Americana duo
featuring ARIA nominated artists Tracy McNeil & Dan Parsons.
Their debut, self-titled album Minor Gold (Out AUG 11, 2023)
captures the duo at their finest, weaving masterful harmonies
around stripped-back, organic arrangements that draw on
everything from 70’s west-coast pop and Bleecker St.
steeped folk to the ballad-power and polaroid romance of the
80’s. Through this superb collection of songs, Minor Gold
display a spellbinding musical connection, reflecting the
comfort and ease experienced as the album washes over you.
With all three of their debut singles added to national high
rotation on ABC Radio’s ‘Double J’ – a 20+ date debut North
American album tour, with four shows supporting the Teskey
Brothers in the US and Canada, an ‘official showcase’ at
AmericanaFEST in September, it is fair to say Minor Gold
have hit the ground running.