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JER w/ Dollar Signs

Saturday, August 31
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$17 / Day Of : $20
 ADV: $17
 DAY OF: $20

Most known from their cover songs, albums, and YouTube channel as SKATUNE NETWORK and as the trombonist for WE ARE THE UNION, JER’s debut album is a ska masterclass. Not only does it blend traditional ska, two-tone, and 3rd wave ska punk, it pushes the genre into “NEW TONE” ska territory with experimental synths, samples, and the blending of emo, hip hop, and trap. The album is also fiercely political and progressive, drawing on Jeremy’s perspective as a non-binary POC to decry systematic cultural and societal injustices. But with the message firmly in hand, JER also leaves plenty of room for the absolute joy that great ska punk can bring… and there are certainly plenty of moments of joy on this record.