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NIGHTBLOOMS EP Release show with Libby Rodenbough

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Saturday, October 07
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$10 to $15 / Day Of : $15
 DAY OF: 15
NIGHTBLOOMS EP Release with Libby Rodenbough!

Nightblooms is the search for meaning, connection, and hope in the face of uncertainty. Driven by despair but buoyed by common cause, our breezy, melodic songs tackle climate change, social decline, anxiety, and the grief of living through end times. Reading our isolated lyrics might be a real bummer, but the music is pretty fun. Hopefully our equal parts honey-and-vinegar approach leaves you with a taste of optimism. This is happy music for sad times; dark tunes that shine brightly; love songs for the apocalypse.

Libby Rodenbough is from Greensboro, North Carolina, and has played with the four-piece folk band Mipso for more than a decade. Her debut album as a solo artist, Spectacle of Love—an intimate, inventive chronicle of heartache and abjection—was released in 2020; she has also built up numerous collaborations in the tight-knit North Carolina music scene.

Her second release, Between the Blades, is eight tracks long, but most songs clock in long, at around four minutes, lingering in observant, character-driven storytelling and slipping between diametrics—light and dark, cynicism and optimism, land and sea—as Between the Blades makes its way toward the aching chords of closer “Waking World.”

In that last song, Rodenough imagines “reaching out” through the veil between dream states and touching a loved one’s hand. Listening, it is easy to feel that you are in the same room, a hand reaching out to yours as it wades through the muck of the world we’ve been given, even as we look toward the possibility of another world.