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Flat Iron

Saphron w/ Ins Kino

Saturday, June 15
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
US singer-songwriter Zoe Anastasia Hardee began using the Saphron moniker in 2014 for a series of quirky and melancholic lo-fi recordings. Over the late 2010s the project expanded into a bombastic 3-piece art rock outfit featuring her longtime collaborators Ari Brewington Moore and Ian Waddill. The group has been lauded for their captivating, deeply emotive live performances, and their genre-defying post-punk sound.

Ins Kino, the musical project of Raleigh, NC-based songwriter Evan Farkas, presents his second EP, Ins Kino 2. It presents 4 new tracks, each revealing a new avenue for Farkas’ continued melodic exploration. Farkas started as Ins Kino around 2019, as an outlet to channel and present the songwriting he’d been doing for years on his own. 

The first two EPs were composed solo by Farkas, with significant input from Zack O’Brien (Yucky Duster, Starstruck, Slonk Donkerson), Farkas’ longtime friend and collaborator. Since 2022, Ins Kino has branched into a dynamic live act composed of himself and N.C. Triangle stalwarts Justin Ellis (Ravary, Easter Island), Kenny Florence (Annuals, Sunfold), Thomas McNeely (Jenny Besetzt, Cor de Lux), and Mike Robinson (Annuals, Sunfold, Lonnie Walker).
Farkas takes his songwriting cues from the melody-soaked 60s, while his lyrical and sonic themes pull from all over the audio-visual timeline. Harmonies, strings, and a grand sense of scale pervade each song, but there is an intentional effort to make every song stand on the foundational relationship between melody, chords, and feel.
Produced by Zack O’Brien at River Run Recording, Ins Kino 2 expands on Ins Kino’s chamber pop sound with evocative lyricism and arrangments, creating a dynamic offering that falls somewhere between post-Tranquility Arctic Monkeys and Grizzly Bear, with a heavy dose of The Beatles, Scott Walker, and Sinatra.