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Flat Iron

Virginia Man

Virginia 416931689269210
Sunday, September 24
Doors: 8pm // Show: 8pm
$12 to $15 / Day Of : $15
 DAY OF: 15

Virginia Man is an emotional folk-and-roll band comprised of Kristian Lietzan (singer/songwriter), Stephen Amoruso (bass/vocals), and Jamaal Farrow (drummer).  With poetic lyrics bellowing over the sounds of middle Appalachia, these gentlemen champion the sound of Virginia: a strange suspension between the cardinal directions, musical genres, and the changing of seasons.


With lots of new music arriving in 2023, the boys have been out on the road!  The live show has become a favorite amongst members and audiences alike, like a sonic rollercoaster, akin to the plot of a great American classic, with gripping performances and storytelling, and celebratory beverages to follow.